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Deborah Cundy Award1.docx
This awards up to $500 to an oncology nurse who needs financial assistance to attend a continuing education program or higher education opportunity.
1284k LeahArsenault 2/10/15  
Educational stipend Application.docx
Awared on an as needed basis Awarded for any oncology program Maximum amount may receive is $250 Limit one per year per member
2428k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  
Educational stipend Application.pdf
1369k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  
Lifespan's 12th Annual Education Day Registration 1
539k IdalinaColburn 9/19/18  
To recognize a nurse that practices with excellence Submitted by a colleague Awarded at the Annual Spring Seminar
495k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  
468k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  
OCN Reimbursement.docx
If your OCN certification fee is not reimbursed through your employer, the chapter will reimburse you after successful certification or recertification
1838k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  
OCN Reimbursement.pdf
1341k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  
Phoebe Fernald Scholarship.docx
Awards a professional oncology nurse financial assisstance to attend Congress Worth the amount of a Congress registration Awarded at the December Business Meeting Due when you RSVP for the meeting
1855k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  
Phoebe Fernald Scholarship.pdf
1356k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  
Sturdy Oncology 2018 Fall education day
Registration form for Sturdy 2018 Fall Education Day
70k IdalinaColburn 9/15/18  
Travel Scholarship.docx
Must be active member of the chapter Purpose must be as defined Maximum amount a member may receive is $500
1859k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  
Travel Scholarship.pdf
1357k LeahArsenault 3/2/14  

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